Best Handball Shoes – Adidas, Nike, Mizuno, and Hummel

The best handball shoes cost between $90 and $150. They offer rubber outsole traction on the court and shock absorption capacity. Adidas Stabil X and Mizuno Wave Mirage 3 are popular handball shoes.

Mikkel Hansen wears Hummel handball shoes. Nora Mørk has been seen in Adidas’ shoes. It’s a matter of preference as handball shoes get better and better with time. Some shoes such as the Walk on Mars series from Mizuno are made specifically for handball.

Other shoes are made for indoor court playing versatility and they’ve been adapted to the sport. In the following section, we look at the best handball shoes according to the leading options of the main brands.


Brand Shoes
Best Adidas handball shoes Adidas Stabil X Mid
Best Nike handball shoes Nike Air Versitile IV
Best Mizuno handball shoes Mizuno Wave Mirage 3 Step on Mars
Best Kempa handball shoes Kempa Wing Lite 2.0 Women
Best Hummel handball shoes Hummel Supreme Knit Aerocharge
Best Puma handball shoes Puma Rise XT Netfit 1
Best Under Armour handball shoes Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2
Best Asics handball shoes Asics Gel-Blast FF
Best Salming handball shoes Salming Eagle Paddle
Best New Balance handball shoes New Balance Fresh Foam Lav


Best handball shoes made by Adidas

With impressive rooted in Germany the birthplace of handball, Adidas makes some of the most interesting shoes in the sport. There are a few good lowcut and high-cut shoes from the manufacturer to consider at all levels of handball as they also make Hungary’s handball kit.

  1. Adidas Stabil X Mid

Featuring the Boost technology, the Adidas Stabil X Mid is very popular in handball. Seen among the best shoes every year, they come with responsive cushioning which may already be familiar to handball players. For example, the Boost technology is also seen in Adidas’ running shoes as well as in their training shoes handball players may already be familiar with outside official matches.


Made with non-marking rubber, the outsole of these shoes is suitable for indoor handball courts. The rubber is strong and it lasts for a few good seasons. It also comes in various colors depending on what the player feels comfortable with.


The upper is not trailing behind either. It features abrasion-resistant sharkskins which means the shoes resist the intense tackles which are specific to a handball game. This sharkskin is combined with mesh materials that offer plenty of breathability for intense 60-minute games.

The cage-lock system with the inner sling cage the midfoot is properly locked down. This means there are no chances for in-shoe slipping, one of the main causes of handball injuries.


  • Features a true handball design
  • Top traction outsole
  • Inner sling cage reduces in-shoe slippage


  • Bulky on narrow feet

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  1. Adidas Crazyflight Bounce 3

With the same bounce technology as the Stabil X, the Crazyflight Bounce 3 are considered cushioning shoes. They are versatile on various indoor surfaces. The low-cut design also favors shorter handball players or those who are very good at sprinting.


The mesh upper of the shoes favors breathability and it’s combined with lightweight TPU yarns. With a traditional tongue design and a forefoot overlay, the shoes are durable for most players. The heel collar slightly moves away from the Achille’s tendon which means handball players don’t need to feel uncomfortable when sprinting.


The shoes are not available in too many colors. However, they are available in white, suitable for German handball fans. They’re also available in Black, suitable for CSM Bucuresti handball fans. But the shoes are also available in a rare white collegiate navy look, suitable for PSG handball fans.
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  • Made with Bounce cushioning
  • The molded upper follows the contour of the foot
  • Fantastic fit for fast handball players


  • Not available on yellow, red, green, or purple
Nikola Karabatic wearing his Crazyflight Bounce 3 shoes (C) France Handball 2017
  1. Adidas Stabil X

Those not comfortable with high-cut handball shoes such as Adidas Stabil X Mid can alternatively consider the Adidas Stabil X shoes. There are not too many differences to worry about but players can feel comfortable with the less bulky designs the shoes come with.


The inner sling-cage design is very suitable for a tight fit. There’s no room for losing shoes in handball as players run in all directions and need goo traction. The sock-like fit is among the best and the breathable upper allows these shoes to be as good as the price demands.

The shoes also look good. While they come in 4 colors, they are available in pure blue. This color certainly appeals to FC Helsingør fans as the Danes have the second kit which looks similar to the shoes.


  • Comfortable low-cut fit
  • The outsole rubber is non-marking
  • Boost technology is responsive


  • Still more expensive than its alternatives

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Best handball shoes made by Nike

Nike needs no further introduction to the sporting world. Handball fans can rely on the brand for some of the best shoes to inspire the highest level of the game. Here’s what is available at the moment.

  1. Nike Air Versatile IV

These indoor court shoes are made to offer traction and comfort. Since they look very good, they’re often seen on the street as well. However, things are different when it comes to handball when they show their true potential


The outsole of these shoes is suitable for handball. Furthermore, the outsole features a circle pattern that impresses both in traction and inflexibility. The flexible outsole is indeed suitable for flexibility and a reduced risk of injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis.


Nike designed the upper of these shoes with a lot of attention. While it features open mesh for good ventilation, the shoes’ upper is better-known for the interesting lacing system. The laces wrap until lower towards the forefoot which is highly desirable for those who love the very tight fit. However, this also means that it takes a bit longer to put the shoes on.


  • Made with Nike Air Shock Absorption cushions
  • Laces wrap the lower part of the foot
  • Padded high-collar comfort


  • It takes extra time to put the shoes on

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  1. Nike KD Trey 5 VII

Style, comfort, and traction characterize these shoes. Already available at a lower price than when they first launched, the shoes are made for the hardest indoor surfaces.


The new Renew foam has more room for shock absorption. This favors tall or heavy handball players the most. Since a lot of pressure and shock is felt right up to the knees, these shoes also favor those who play handball a few times per week and who need to protect their joints. Dedicated players how hard the recovery is for these areas.


The upper features a plush padded collar that feels right on the feet. However, the tongue is longer than on most shoes which can protect the feet in some tackles but which may be uncomfortable for those who prefer the truly low cut alternatives.


  • Approved by Kevin Durant
  • Top shock absorption capacity
  • The design is futuristic


  • Long tongue design

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Best handball shoes made by Mizuno

Probably one of the manufacturers heavily-focused on research and development, Mizuno has its performers for handball players to consider. Just by how the Wave Mirage 3 look, they’re worth giving the manufacturer a go.

  1. Mizuno Wave Mirage 3 Step on Mars

These shoes scream handball. Somewhere between a low cut and a high cut design, they offer plenty of cushioning. We’ve seen them on a few top players. Nikola Karabatić has a special connection to the shoes.


The shoes are particularly appealing based on their Wave Technology. This is better known for the shock-absorption and even shock distribution capacities. This is why they might feel slightly more comfortable and bouncier than other handball shoes.


There’s a new upper form the Mirage 2 as well. Featuring a solid lacing system, handball players get to tighten the entire shoe when the laces are pulled. Furthermore, an added heel cup may also prove a stable insertion for some players which are top runners.


  • Part of the Step On Mars handball collection
  • Fantastic original colors to choose from
  • Wave technology adds comfort


  • The shoes can feel wide around the ankle

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  1. Mizuno Wave Voltage Mid

Another option from Mizuno is the Wave Voltage Mid shoes. Made specifically for the fastest players, the shoes are a reliable mid-cut design. While they don’t look as innovative as the Mirage 3, these shoes are indeed made for proper sprinting with goo stability.


Made with D-flex Groove technology, these shoes do a good job at evening out the weight of the shoes. Since they feel more balanced, they are a better performer for acceleration, which is crucial out on the court.


The mesh upper has some of the most comprehensive overlays seen from Mizuno or any other manufacturer. This is what makes them arguably the best for firmness. Not all players love the most flexible shoes and the Wave Voltage Mid is one of the options they have.

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  • Made with the Wave technology
  • The upper is very firm
  • Suitable for better acceleration


  • Not flexible for some handball players
Romanian handball players wearing Mizuno and Asics handball shoes (C) N.l. Flicker

Best handball shoes made by Kempa

The light Kempa performers can be used for both training and official matches. Their advantage is that they can be up to 20% cheaper than other brands.

  1. Kempa Wing Lite 2.0 Women

This light performer is made with EVA foam cushioning. There’s plenty of comfort in EVA and this is why the foam is so popular across many sports, including handball. With thick rubber on the outsole, the shoes are made for a solid grip backed by a very lightweight upper.


A torsion plate has been added to the shoes. This means they’re ready to deal with all types of angles and maintain their support for longer. In a sense, the torsion plate is their mains strength.


The upper of these shoes is very thin. The soft elastic mesh follows the shape of the foot and the lower weight combined with the thin materials boost natural foot biomechanics. Those who value acceleration and sprinting during a game find them reliable.


  • Made with a torsion plate
  • Cushioning via EVA foam
  • Thin upper materials


  • Poor forefoot protection

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Best handball shows made by Hummel

Hummel may seem like the budget option but the manufacturer offers impressive shoes with top materials. It’s worth considering the company’s shoes at any handball level. Hummel is a trusted brand and it now makes Romania’s handball kit.

  1. Hummel Supreme Knit Aerocharge

These premium shoes are made with a supportive Power Plate and elastic knit upper which feels natural on the foot. Thicker heel rubber also means they have plenty of traction in them to rely on for years to come.


The new knit Hummel upper is as impressive as the materials used by Adidas. It is then combined with mesh tongue materials. this upper favors breathability the most. The elasticity of the upper is reliable overall.


Circular patterns under the 360 design mean these shoes offer plenty of grips. Unlike many would believe, the outsole is slightly better than on most other shoes as long as players don’t mind its reduced flexibility in the forefoot.

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  • Made with a knit upper
  • Features Plate support
  • Available in half sizes


  • Not the most flexible outsole
Mikkel Hansen with his Hummel handball shoes (C) Doha Stadium Plus Qatar

Best handball shoes made by Puma

Puma is a traditional sports shoe brand. In the world of handball, they offer innovative double lockdown systems for a better fit.

  1. Puma Rise XT Netfit 1

These shoes are to be trusted by the most dedicated handball players. With an appealing design and a low cut approach, they offer plenty of flexibility. With laces and two extra securing bands on the upper, they are certainly not getting off the feet anytime soon.


The EVA midsole of the shoes is among the most comfortable players can use. It may be a bit different than stock EVA as it is softer, which favors added comfort for longer training sessions.


With a knit upper, the shoes are as modern as players would expect. Soft mesh is combined with this knit upper to create one of the most futuristic designs handball players can rely on. A heel loop also helps when trying to get the shoes on quickly.


  • Suitable for a close fit
  • Made with an EvoKnit upper
  • Comfortable foam midsole


  • The ankle color could use extra padding


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  1. Puma Explode XT Hybrid 1

A slightly lighter Puma option is also available. The Explode XT Hybrid 1 is made for explosiveness and acceleration. They think cushioning favors running and sprinting. The wrap-around of the midsole also helps create a cage-like structure that keeps the shoes tighter in place when the lacing is pulled strongly.


The upper of the shoes features forefoot protection. But handball players can also love the added heel counter which helps keep the foot in place. However, this is also the area of the shoes which might not be something players appreciate as its quite diverse.


The one-piece outsole of the handball shoes is specifically made for traction. Even with lower flexion, the manage to offer plenty of grip on some of the fastest surfaces athletes has to deal with. Together with the NRGY damping design, the outsole is ready for the highest level handball.


  • Made with a heel cup
  • Proper forefoot protection
  • Suitable for tight midfoot lockdown


  • Not all players love heel cups

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Best handball shoes made by Under Armour

Under Armour is still rare to see out on the handball court. However, the increased efforts of the company over the last few years have brought to life various shoes which can be considered both in men’s and women’s handball.

  1. Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2

With a textile upper and an outsole that reminds of the manufacturer’s CrossFit shoes, the HOVR Havoc 2 is made for serious business. The textile upper of the shoes is unique and it has its fans as it comes with a modern interpretation of traditional material.


The outsole of these bulky shoes impresses even the newest handball players. It even continues to the sides of the forefoot which ads traction when making 7m throws or whenever one foot is in the air and the other touches the ground slightly to the side. A similar concept is used on the Tribase Reign shoes.


  • Made with a textile upper
  • The outsole enhances lateral forefoot grip
  • Robust at 312 grams


  • Bulky for short players

Bes handball shoes made by Asics

Asics is better known for the gel technology it uses for added cushioning. Handball players cannot overlook this technology as it’s not seen on any other valuable shoes.

  1. Asics Gel-Blast FF

The gel-infused handball shoes are among the most interesting options in their class. Made to impress even the oldest handball players, they have a low cut design which favors the fastest players.


The midsole is where gel technology is used to absorb shocks. Heavy players and those who take a risk and jump to score find the gel the most appealing. Since the shoes also feature asymmetrical lacing, they’re highly suitable for a tight fit.


The outsole is extra thick under the heel and the forefoot. This is why believes the shoes can be considered by those who run on the forefoot more as there’s plenty of grip from all angles.


  • Made with gel cushioning
  • Low cut design
  • Features asymmetrical lacing


  • Poor torsion control

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  1. Asics Netburner Ballistic FF Women

Made with a propulsion plate and gel cushioning, these shoes are something women handball players can live with at the highest level. Since they have extra bounciness, they favor fast players who score a lot. The likes of Neagu and Amorim could use these shoes without any trouble.


With an added propulsion plate, the shoes are ready to become a sensation for those upgrading from older handball shoes. The added sockliner also contours the feet naturally during the game. The good news is the sockliner can also be removed when the time comes for an upgrade, saving money as well.


  • Plenty of grip on wet surfaces
  • Made with a propulsion plate
  • Designed with a removable sockliner


  • Not for players who love a barefoot feel

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Best handball shoes made by Salming

Those on a budget can freely consider Salming as one of the options to go with. The manufacturer has a strong appeal, especially with online discount shops.

  1. Salming Eagle Paddle

The Eagle Paddle is available at an affordable rate. They feature foam cushioning, shock reduction and hexagon mesh construction.


The EVA cushioning of the shoes is sufficient for most players. The technology of the lightweight foam is also backed by a D30 plate which aims to reduce shocks further. So do they work? Surprisingly, many handball player reviews show them as attractive.


  • Made with foam cushioning
  • Included plate for shock absorption
  • Mesh upper with traditional lacing


  • Heavy at 336 grams

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Best handball shoes made by New Balance

New Balance is seen on the court today. Even if not as popular in countries such as Hungary or Austria, the brand has an appeal in Western Europe and there’s no reason to overlook these shoes on the handball court.

  1. New Balance Fresh Foam Lav

Just as the New Balance 796, the Fresh Foam Lav has a growing appeal. With a 12mm drop, they are made for movements that feel as natural as possible. The reinforced rubber outsole also means they rock the world of handball players on all indoor court surfaces.


Made with the N-Durance technology, the outsole of the shoes impresses with durability and traction. The full-length outsole favors traction even when the foot is not entirely on the ground. Here at Handball Republic we believe the modern upper design of these shoes proves New Balance can win in aesthetics as well.


  • Made with a modern design
  • Designed with a 12mm drop
  • Hard reinforced outsole


  • Heavy at 410 grams

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Are handball shoes made with half sizes?

Not all handball shoes are available in half sizes. The Hummel Supreme Knit Aerocharge is among the shoes available in comfortable half sizes.

Which brand makes the best handball shoes?

All the brands listed above made serious handball shoes. It’s mostly a matter of fit and preference to find a reliable design.

Do handball shoes leave marks on the court?

Non-marking rubber is used on handball shoes. All of the shoes above leave no marks. Low-end shoes leave rubber marks on the court.

Are handball shoes regulated?

Handball shoes are largely unregulated. But this doesn’t mean various poor-state shoes are not going to attract the attention of the referee.

Are barefoot shoes right for handball?

Barefoot shoes are not suitable for handball. While they are used in running and even in trail running, they don’t offer the best protection and cushioning needed for the intensity of handball.

How much do handball shoes cost?

The best handball shoes cost between $90 and $150. Most new releases from the biggest brands cost around $130. A few handball shoe discounts are applied before newer generation shoes are released.

How to choose the best handball shoes without reading the reviews

Choosing the best handball shoes might not be easy. All reviews and recommendations are often subjective to the preferences of the writers. But in general terms, these shoes have very specific needs which won’t take long to prioritize.

Check the midsole’s cushioning

The cushioning of the handball shoes is crucial. Throwing, jumping, scoring, blocking and sprinting on the hardcourt puts a lot of pressure on the joints. In the short term, this leads to discomfort. In the long term, this may lead to injuries such as those of the anterior cruciate ligament. As many handball players know, both men and women face long recovery times which halts their careers or playing capacity.

The right cushioning becomes the best friend players have. EVA foam, gels, and plates are used to dampen these shocks or to reduce their impact. Various technologies have been researched and developed by shoe manufacturers for this specific purpose.

Most are different from one brand to another and it’s the main reason why switching the shoes often might open up new doors in terms of what players feel works for their needs.

If the outsole is bad, look elsewhere

The outsole is not as technologically-advanced as the midsole. However, this doesn’t mean it can be overlooked. A bad outsole ruins perfect handball shoes. The rubber needs to be properly made, designed and implemented with the midsole. It offers the traction needed in acceleration and stopping. It’s what keeps handball players on their feet.

The upper is more about function than style

The upper of these shoes is often seen as their most attractive part. This is certainly true. But the upper also has other purposes than appearing the picture-perfect design. It needs to add breathability to the shoes. It also needs to keep the feet lock down properly. But a bad upper may even cause injuries during the game. If the foot is not properly secured by lacing, in-shoe slips become the player’s worst enemy.

The sock-like feel of the new handball shoes is what makes them even better for the game today. It is important to have the right comfort and cushioning in the upper. Many recommend investing the most in handball shoes as compared to the handball kit, which has little relevance in performance, recovery, and injury prevention.


Cleaning handball shoes is not complicated. Since the sport is played indoors, players mainly need to get rid of dust. In most cases, this is done with a simple brush. Mesh handball shoes are easy to clean and wash with soap and water.

Knitted handball shoes might be a bit harder to clean, especially since they take longer to dry as well. Replacing the insole is also a matter of preferences and it may even work as a method of keeping bacteria out of the shoes.


The durability of handball shoes is debatable. Runners measure this in miles or kilometers. But handball players see this differently as they are more about sprinting and acceleration than about the number of miles they cover.

A good general rule is to upgrade the shoes when their cushioning starts to give. Whey the shoes are not as supportive as they used to be as new, it’s a first sign that the player needs to start looking for a replacement.

Another method of establishing the durability of these shoes is by looking at the upper. Most new shoes come with elastic upper materials. In time, this elasticity begins to deteriorate. The shoes may even become loose. This is why the upper is another solid durability indicator.

But many players have multiple handball shoes today and they don’t wait around for them to become to fall off. With so many shoes to choose from, it might not be a good idea to miss out on so many different technologies that are patented to the manufacturing brands.

Giving these shoes a go is a must for players at all levels. Leading handball players have sponsorship contracts that tie them to certain brands. But all other players have the freedom to try the shoes they like the most.

Frequently changing the shoes from one game to another also prolongs their life and keeps the feet fresh as well. Overtraining even the best handball shoes is a sure method of promoting bacteria growth.

Final considerations

When choosing the best handball shoes, players need to take gender, size, price, and comfort into consideration. While these shoes are made with the highest technologies from each brand, they are not necessarily better than their alternatives in many cases. However, they are different. This means the feel they offer the player is different as well. What’s your favorite shoe? Let us know below.



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